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CUNY’s Global Film Series

CUNY’s Second Annual Global Film Series on Women’s Human Rights will bring together amazing films, filmmakers, prominent journalists and activists to discuss the often-abysmal state of women’s rights throughout the world. This three-day event will include panel discussions with filmmakers, journalists, activists and scholars such as Oriana Zill, Maggie Betts and Marina Goldovskaya. All events are free and open to the public.

About the Festival

We have found that the immediacy of film and the images of women who have suffered and triumphed is an effective way to maintain and spread conversations and spark reporting so vital in keeping the focus on troubling issues like sexual violence, forced marriage, denial of rights of employment and education, “honor killings” and sexual slavery. We hope to foster news and action.

Event Schedule

The three-day festival will feature films from Tanzania, Nepal, Kenya, Afghanistan, Zambia, Colombia, Russia and the Western Sahara where women are subject to such chronic problems as poor maternal care, sex trafficking, honor killings, child marriage, rape as a weapon of war and genital mutilation. The series will also explore the intersection of journalism, documentary film and activism.

Film Board

As journalists and educators of future journalists, we see it as our responsibility to make sure the stories of women are told boldly and passionately.


Sponsors include CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, Fork Films, International Reporting Project, DCTV, The Harnisch Foundation and Women for Afghan Women